Equinox X Beats by Dre


BIGGER. joined forces with Beats by Dre and Equinox Gyms to create a moment of calm during the festive period.

We created a zen space in London’s West End, transforming The Ice Tank into the ultimate yoga and meditation studio. Guests took part in a 45-minute yoga practise, ending with a 10-minute meditative podcast that participants listened to through Beats by Dre noise cancelling headphones.

The sessions were well attended fitness enthusiasts and influencers as well as members of Equinox Gyms, all excited about taking part in an event hosted by two iconic brands. After the sessions, participants enjoyed a healthy breakfast whilst taking selfies with their new Beats headphones.

Instagram was flooded with posts of zen influencers posing in their new headphones expressing how thrilled they were with the giveaways!