Recycling Rig

We worked with Kopparberg on an experience to celebrate their campaign of ‘life is what you make it’ or ‘Fanga Dagen’.

The Recycling Rig. A vintage swiss army truck to which we added 87 speakers, 10 amps, a DJ booth and a huge rear recycling wheel. The aim? Create a party with a purpose and bring ‘Fanga Dagen’ moments to life across the sunny parks of London!

At spontaneously-picked locations across London, our DJ would start playing, but only turn the music louder as people recycled their empties. Crowds gathered and danced, and true ‘Fanga Dagen’ moments were made. The finale. Outdoor party at Number 90 in Hackney Wick. DJs Yoda and Pixie Geldof play atop the rig, rewarding over 500 party goers as their tins were turned into tunes.

To capture these moments we had influencers, photographers and a video team who amplified their content via their own and Kopparberg’s channels.